Prewetted Superabrasive Powder

Diamond particles below 0.5 micron tend to aggregate due to molecular Van der Waals forces that cause individual grains to cling to one another.  This aggregation can result in clusters that exceed the desired effective particle size.  Aggregated clusters are difficult or impossible to disperse and can have a critically negative impact on their performance.

At Vulcan Superabrasives, we employ our knowledge of surface chemistry, particle physics & engineering, and dispersion technologies to provide Pre-Wetted Powder products that prevent aggregation.  Each of our diamond types are offered in a pre-wetted formulation, and can be supplied in doubly-distilled deionized (DDI) water, or in a non-aqeuous  carrier for processes that are water-intolerant.  Available in sizes 0.05 - 0.5 micron.

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