Alloy, Composite, & Customized Coatings

Engineering of our abrasive products is supported by statistical and quantitative data analytics, and is tailored to our customers’ specific needs.

At Vulcan Superabrasives™, our expertise in surface chemistry, particle engineering, and powder separation technologies results in tightly controlled size distribution, shape, purity, and surface characteristics from start to finish. Every carat is put through stringent cleaning processes and quantitative particle analyses, with all analytical results made available to you, our customer.

Vulcan Superabrasives offers 0.5 to 200 micron particles with several unique coatings, and works with clients to develop others as needed

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Do you want something more than the same generic coatings that your competition is using?

Maybe you are like us and you want more than the traditional nickel-phosphorous, titanium, and copper coatings.

We specialize in performance alloys, texturing, layering, proprietary surface treatments, and cleaning techniques to ensure MAXIMUM bonding in vitreous, resinoid, organic, and metal-bond systems. We can even design coatings that will deliver performance to your specific application.

Are you tired of just getting what is left on the sieve?

Maybe you are like us and you think there is more to purchasing abrasives than the numbers written on two sieves. A particle size distribution (PSD) is more than a mean, standard deviation, minimum, or maximum; the shape and skew effect your tooling.

Talk to our engineers

Are you tired of talking to the sales team?

Maybe you are like us and you don’t want empty promises and guarantees from a sales team that has never done any development. When you call Vulcan Superabrasives™, you are speaking directly to our engineering team. The same people developing your products are overseeing the coating operations, performing the quality inspection, and putting the postage on the package.

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